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Knowing your business objective is our main focus. We strive to build a group of professionals that understand your needs and your culture.

Our strategy is based on proven and powerful concepts:

your needs

Through collaboration is how understanding flows without barriers. Our pragmatic standpoint helps your business focus on what is key to success on achieving your goals, leaving everything else behind. By understanding your company’s culture and where you are coming from we help you conceive the shape and core a of a successful outcome for your ideas and expectations.

Plan for success


Vérico proven global-wide experience ensures a structured evolution plan for your project, based on clear and measurable objectives. From initial meetings to end-user acceptance, going through preparation, construction and deployment, agile methodology is at the heart of our execution strategy. This ensures a lightweight technique capable of adjusting when necessary and focused on delivery.

Positive adoption
is key

Flawless executed projects often fail because people weren’t ready for them. Vérico helps your organization communicate transformational changes effectively. From top to bottom, sharing the right information at the right level makes the entire difference. Our team will help yours on building an effective communication strategy for all the phases of your project, from rapid positive adoption to long-term change management.


From small businesses to global enterprises we’ve done it all. We have the structure and ability to tackle small projects, delivered in days or weeks, to large multi-phase projects, conformed of several teams, vendors and geographies. Our mainly enterprise-level experience prepared us for expecting the unexpected. We can quickly adjust to your needs by leveraging a network of Salesforce professionals ready to make you succeed.

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